Emily Bell
product designer


Curiouser and curiouser.



I'm Emily, a Product Manager and Designer excited by technology's role in creating new solutions to systemic problems. I'm especially passionate about products that give people agency over their own lives, which is why I'm jazzed to be working at Countable as their first PM. 

I'm currently based in San Francisco and love biking, karaoke-ing, and kayaking while eating ice cream. Email me at emcatbell@gmail.com or find me online at the links below! I'd love to chat about design, social good, or other adventures. 


artichoke gif

Why the artichoke?

Artichokes are my favorite food. Growing up, I always asked for them for my birthday dinner and my mom would tell me stories of when her mom cooked them for her. Artichokes are a communal food and I love bringing people together over a bowl of leaves, butter, and great conversation. And they're weird and fun to eat, with surprises inside. What's better than that? ✌